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Teeth Whitening Cost Mullumbimby, NSW | Mullumbimby Dental Centre

Mullumbimby Dental Centre discusses the cost of teeth whitening, and why it’s more beneficial in the long run to invest in a professional kit.

We’ve all been in the position where you’re standing in the “personal care” aisle looking at toiletries, cosmetics, and oral hygiene products when your eyes fall on “teeth whitening products”. You stand and consider the options for a while, before deciding “Why not? Let’s try it” and throwing it in your shopping trolley.

Let’s be honest, how many of us have actually followed the “may take 4 weeks to see results” plan – and have not been discouraged by the lack of results? So why would you then invest in “professional teeth whitening” products? Aren’t all teeth whitening products the same?

Not all teeth whitening products are created equal

The Australian Dental Association recommends that you don’t use teeth whitening products which contain more than 6% hydrogen peroxide content. This is mainly due to the impact hydrogen peroxide may have on your system, rather than your teeth. However, if used in excess these levels can also damage the enamel on your teeth, creating a more porous surface (which in turn creates more surface for stains to stick to).

There’s also the issue that over-the-counter “fixes” can’t fit your moulding tray for you, instead you are left to a “one size fits all” approach. Combined with repeat exposure to high levels of hydrogen peroxide, if your trays don’t fit properly you may start to experience sensitivity and irritation to the gums.

Teeth whitening may not be for everyone

The next issue we face with “over the counter teeth whitening products”, is that the box can’t tell you if this particular product will work for you. What a lot of people don’t realise, is that not all staining can be corrected with teeth-whitening products. Some stains may be caused by damage to the tooth while it was forming, or be indicative of an unhealthy tooth (an undetected cavity, for example).

Teeth whitening may also prove less effective if you have undergone restorative work such as fillings, crowns, or dental implants. These restorations are unable to be lightened via teeth-whitening treatments (which a box won’t tell you). However, if you visit a dentist and discuss this with them they may be able to offer alternatives (such as veneers).

So what makes professional teeth whitening treatments different?

Regardless of if you choose to take advantage of our in-chair teeth whitening or take-home kit, at Mullumbimby Dental Centre we will do everything we can to make your teeth whitening process a pleasant experience. Before you undertake treatment we will:

  • Assess the state of your teeth
  • Discuss any sensitivity you experience
  • Discuss restorations such as fillings and crowns, and how they may affect your results
  • What expectations you have of your results, as well as how “white” you are aiming for.

A good rule of thumb to go by when deciding on what shade you want your teeth is to aim for a similar colour to the whites of your eyes.

Our treatments are completely harmless to tooth enamel, and any restorative treatments you may have. If you choose to undergo in-chair whitening, we will ensure your gums are protected from exposure to the whitening gel.

So, what prices are your teeth whitening products?

Prices vary depending on what treatment you are after, and how soon you want to notice your results.

In-chair teeth whitening – $500 including take home kit

Our in-chair teeth whitening service is for $500 which includes a take home kit. The whitening session lasts for an hour, and provides immediate results that are noticeable as soon as the treatment session is over.

After your treatment, you will be provided with a take-home kit (price included in the $500) which you can use to top up your smile as you see fit.

Take-home teeth whitening – $260

If in-chair whitening isn’t within your price range at the moment, we are offering take-home kits for $260. This kit will require two visits: one to take an impression of your teeth to create your custom-moulded trays, and another to collect your trays. The kit includes approximately five or six applications, which will be required to be worn for 45 minutes per treatment. The results, depending on the individual’s teeth, may take one to two weeks to be noticeable.

Teeth whitening cost Mullumbimby

If you have been considering teeth whitening and want to discuss if the treatment will be suitable for you, contact our friendly staff at Mullumbimby Dental Centre to arrange a consultation.

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