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Dental crowns can bring back your smile

Dental crowns can bring back your smile | Mullumbimby Dental Centre

Repair any damaged teeth and strengthen your smile with our restorative treatments

With modern dentistry, we can now restore your smile in so many ways and through so many different treatment options. At Mullumbimby Dental Centre, we offer the most popular and effective treatments and can have you smiling again in no time.

If you have fractured a cusp, cracked a tooth or chipped the surface, a crown is usually the best option for you. A crown completely encapsulates the damaged tooth, covering any unsightly stains or cracks. They also strengthen your tooth and can be applied to protect any teeth that are fragile and starting to crumble.

There are many benefits of having a crown fitted, including:

  • Colour is matched to your natural teeth for a seamless fit
  • Long-lasting and durable (10-15 years if cared for properly)
  • Help your smile become strong and healthy again

When designing your restoration, a number of factors are considered such as the colour, occlusion (bite), shape and length of both your natural teeth and the artificial restoration. All of our crowns are made from the highest quality materials and will match the shape and colour of surrounding teeth. Whether you are considering a crown for cosmetic reasons or for functional purposes, we will assess the state of your tooth and discuss which option is the right one for you

What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns restore both the look and function of our patients’ smiles. They can be made from either porcelain, gold or a combination of the two. Gold is stronger than porcelain so a gold crown would be placed on your back teeth where the most pressure is applied. The composite layer on top is so the crown blends in with the rest of your teeth. Thanks to modern technology, all-porcelain crowns are also available. They are also strong, stain resistant and match the colour of your natural teeth.

Taking care of your crown

Once you’ve had your crown fitted, it is essential that you keep up good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing regularly and properly will maintain the health of your restoration. It’s also important to remember that the tooth protected by the crown is still susceptible to gum disease so it is important you attend regular dental check-ups.

Bring back your smile with Mullumbimby Dental Centre

If your smile has become a bit worn by everyday life or accidents, there are many options to bring it back to health. Let’s have a discussion about the best treatment plan for you!

Don’t let damaged, cracked or chipped teeth detract from your smile. To restore your dental health and appearance, book your appointment with us today!

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