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Difference between dental crowns and bridges

Difference between dental crowns and bridges | Mullumbimby Dental Centre

Find out the difference between dental crowns and bridges and how they can give you an ear-to-ear smile

To always have a beautiful smile on your face, healthy looking teeth are a good start. At Mullumbimby Dental Centre, we deal with a number of cases where we repair broken and damaged teeth. One of the main solutions to these problems is dental crowns and bridges.

Let’s see what dental crowns and bridges are

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are sometimes referred to as ‘caps’ and are basically prosthetic teeth. The purpose of using caps is to cover the decay or broken tooth and it prevents other teeth from getting damaged. Along with this, it helps to recover a tooth in several ways:

  • Strengthens the damaged or broken teeth
  • Prevents the teeth from getting more damaged
  • Helps in covering up a sensitive tooth that has been treated with RCT (root canal treatment)
  • Aids in alignment of the surrounding teeth

Dental bridges

This restorative dental treatment is ideal for our patients who have lost two or more teeth. Most commonly, this happens as we grow older but it can also occur from dental injury or disease. If you end up with two or more missing teeth, then a dental bridge method is used to fill up the empty space left in your mouth. Our meticulous dentist will pay attention to the symmetry of your teeth and make sure that the alignment process does not result in bad biting.

Difference between dental crowns and dental bridges

Both these options are of the same nature, but their uses vary. Dental crowns are used when a damaged tooth needs to be covered with a protecting shell so that it becomes fortified and does not harm the neighbouring teeth. Dental bridges, on the other hand, are used to replace any missing teeth and fill any awkward gaps they leave behind.

How long do dental crowns and bridges last?

Dental crowns and bridges serve as a great treatment for treating tooth decay but for how long do these solutions last? With the right care and maintenance, you can keep a bridge or a crown for decades. This also requires you to attend your dental check-ups twice a year to make sure your restored smile stays healthy.

Restore your smile with Mullumbimby Dental Centre

If your teeth have suffered any damage, injury, disease or decay, we can assess your smile and together with you decide on the best course of treatment. We will individually tailor our solution and treatment plan for you.

Contact us to arrange your appointment and be on your way to a healthier smile.

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