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How crowns and bridges work, and how long they last

how crowns and bridges work

Discover the process of fitting a crown or bridge and how long you can expect them to last If your smile is looking a little worse for wear, it might be a good idea to look into getting a dental crown or bridge. Injury, disease, and decay are all factors…

Difference between dental crowns and bridges

Difference between dental crowns and bridges | Mullumbimby Dental Centre

Find out the difference between dental crowns and bridges and how they can give you an ear-to-ear smile To always have a beautiful smile on your face, healthy looking teeth are a good start. At Mullumbimby Dental Centre, we deal with a number of cases where we repair broken and…

Dental crowns can bring back your smile

Dental crowns can bring back your smile | Mullumbimby Dental Centre

Repair any damaged teeth and strengthen your smile with our restorative treatments With modern dentistry, we can now restore your smile in so many ways and through so many different treatment options. At Mullumbimby Dental Centre, we offer the most popular and effective treatments and can have you smiling again…

Celebrate Christmas this year with a brighter, whiter smile

Teeth Whitening Cost Mullumbimby, NSW | Mullumbimby Dental Centre

Mullumbimby Dental Centre discusses the cost of teeth whitening, and why it’s more beneficial in the long run to invest in a professional kit. We’ve all been in the position where you’re standing in the “personal care” aisle looking at toiletries, cosmetics, and oral hygiene products when your eyes fall…

How do I avoid stained teeth?

How do I avoid stained teeth?

Stained or discoloured teeth are possibly the most common complaint when a person is asked “what would you change about your smile?” So how do we avoid this common dilemma? Teeth can be stained for any number of reasons and in a number of ways. In some cases avoiding staining your…

7 DIY home teeth whitening methods you can try for a whiter smile


Are you one of those people who prefer to pamper yourself at home rather than in a salon or clinic? If you are, it’s time to get out your hair treatments and the foot spa, as we have compiled a list of whitening treatments you can perform in your own…

We offer teeth whitening treatments to rejuvenate the appearance of your teeth


Do you wish you had a whiter smile? Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental treatments and using exceptional products, we can offer our patients a sparkling and several shades brighter smile. Most people want to improve their smile, especially as they get older and staining and other…

Don’t hide your smile because you’re unhappy with its colour; we offer different teeth whitening products

Different teeth whitening products

Over time it’s natural for teeth to lose their whiteness. Certain foods, drinking coffee and red wine all takes its toll on the whiteness of your smile and will inevitably lead to some discolouration. A brighter, whiter smile will enhance your appearance and you can turn back the clock on…

Why should you replace missing teeth?

Dental Implants | replace missing teeth? | Mullumbimby Dental Centre

Are you missing a tooth? Do you feel self-conscious about gaps in your smile? We offer a long lasting solution to restore your smile. At Mullmbimby Dental Centre we strongly recommend you always have missing teeth replaced. This is not only for cosmetic reasons but also for health reasons. The…

6 Reasons to get Porcelain Veneers

6 Reasons to get Porcelain Veneers | Mullimbimby Dental Centre

Mullumbimby Dental Centre explains six reasons to get porcelain veneers. Get porcelain veneers in Mullumbimby, near Byron Bay! 1. Cracked Teeth Do you have cracked teeth? Porcelain veneers can be a great option for restoring cracked teeth and enhancing your smile. Having cracked teeth can be unsightly and painful, which…

Health fund rebates at Mullumbimby Dental Centre


Are you concerned about the size of the gap payment payable for your dental care? At Mullumbimby Dental Centre we try to make any costs involved as clear as possible; we always give a written treatment plan to patients after the initial consultation with full item codes that allows our…

Redheads Feel More Pain

Redheads feel more pain

Did you know that redheads feel pain differently to the rest of us? We found this article and just had to share. Who would have thought that redheads feel more pain than the rest of us. No wonder so many redheads avoid the dentist!

Staggering Australian Dental Statistics

Australian Dental Statistics

Tooth decay is fast becoming Australia’s biggest health problem. In fact, there are 11 million newly decayed teeth developing each year in this country!  What’s more, in almost all cases, these decaying teeth are entirely preventable; and yet we’re not working to prevent the problem. Less than half of the…

Child Dental Benefits Schedule Commences 1 January 2014

The new federal government child benefits schedule (CDBS) will replace the existing Medicare Teen Dental Plan. It will provide access to benefits for basic dental services to around 3.4 million children aged 2-17 years. The total benefit entitlement will be capped at $1,000 per child over a two calendar year…

Mullumbimby Dental Centre Awarded Full QIP Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that Mullumbimby Dental Centre is one of the first dental practices in Australia to be awarded full accreditation by Quality In Practice (QIP). The award of accreditation is a significant achievement. By achieving full accreditation a dental practice demonstrates a commitment to the provision of…

Mullumbimby Dental Centre is now part of Members First!

We are excited to announce that Mullumbimby Dental Centre has been selected by Bupa to be part of their Members First Network Members First is a network of medical providers such as chiropractors and dentists who provide additional cover to Bupa members with Extras Cover. These members will receive extra…

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