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Scale and Clean Mullumbimby

By having your teeth professionally cleaned every six months, you prevent the need for treating more serious problems in the long run.

Although you may diligently maintain a good oral hygiene routine, it is still important to have your teeth professionally cleaned once every six months. The foods you eat and the bacteria that live in your mouth can cause a layer of film to form over your teeth, which if not dealt with will eventually turn in to plaque. Plaque is a major cause of tooth decay and periodontal disease, and once it has formed it cannot be removed by simply brushing or flossing. This is where your dentist comes in.

How does plaque form?

Plaque is a colourless bacteria that every person has living in their mouth. This bacteria thrives in a sugary environment, which is why people who have a diet high in sugar end up suffering tooth decay more frequently. Plaque forms a layer over the surface of the teeth and begins to eat away at the enamel, causing cavities, and if left undisturbed for 48 hours it will begin to harden. Within 10 days it will have become dental calculus, a hard yellow-white substance that visibly forms on the surface of the teeth. Once it has solidified, it cannot be removed by brushing or flossing, it needs to be removed by a dental professional. Preventing the formation of plaque is a simple and easy process, all you need to do is upset the bacterial colonies daily by brushing and flossing your teeth, that way the plaque doesn’t have enough time to attach to the tooth and calcify.

What is involved in a scale and clean?

Having your teeth professionally cleaned is a painless process, and you should leave with a smile that feels wonderfully fresh. Your dentist will begin by removing any deposits of plaque on and in between the teeth. This is done with an instrument that uses slight tickling motions to loosen and remove the build-up of plaque, and a small dental scaler is used to remove any smaller deposits of plaque. Once all of the plaque has been removed, your dentist will then go on to polish your teeth so that they are left feeling fresh and clean. This is done with a piece of dental equipment and a special type of gritty toothpaste that helps to polish away any bacteria that has formed on the surface of the teeth. Lastly, your dentist may apply some fluoride to your teeth so that they are protected against acid and bacteria. The entire process should involve no pain or discomfort, and your dentist will make sure that you are relaxed throughout your clean.

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Scale and Clean Mullumbimby

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