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White Fillings Mullumbimby

Your natural teeth are the ones that suit you best, which is why we offer white fillings to treat decay and dental caries.

Traditional unsightly amalgam (metal) fillings were originally used to treat teeth that had suffered decay. Since then, dental technology has greatly improved and we now use tooth coloured fillings to restore the health and strength of decayed teeth. Not only can we treat teeth with cavities, we can also replace your old amalgam fillings with new, durable tooth coloured fillings.

We use safe and effective composite resin material

At Mullumbimby Dental Centre we use composite resin to treat teeth that have suffered decay. There are a number of advantages associated with composite resin fillings, some of which include:

  • Composite resin fillings are matched to the colour of your tooth so that the filling is unnoticeable.
  • Developments in modern dental technology mean that composite resin is now much stronger and more durable than ever before.
  • Composite resin is better at bonding to the tooth structure, which helps to insulate the tooth better against extreme temperatures.
  • Composite resin requires less drilling to prepare for the filling, so you retain more of your natural tooth structure.
  • Dentists use a special curing light to harden the composite resin in seconds, unlike other materials which take more time to harden.

Composite resin fillings offer a natural looking option for patients who need to restore the health of their teeth with a durable and cosmetically pleasing material.

Should I remove and replace my amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings have been used in dentistry for over a century, and many people who have undergone dentistry in the past often have one or more metal fillings. Amalgam fillings have been linked to some disadvantages:

  • Cracked teeth due to the metal fillings expanding and contracting with extreme temperatures.
  • Less cosmetically pleasing as they are very noticeable.

The Australian Dental Association policy on using amalgam in dentistry remains that amalgam produces no seriously harmful effects, and we are happy to remove amalgam fillings for patients who request it, however we will not suggest or imply that this will cure any other health problems. The dental professionals at Mullumbimby Dental Centre are experienced in removing old amalgam fillings and replacing them with new white fillings to ensure the health and appearance of your teeth. If you have an old amalgam filling that you would like to have replaced, our dental professionals will be able to help you.

Composite resin fillings are generally suitable for most patients, however your dentist will be able to determine if they are the right option for you. Composite resin fillings can restore teeth that have suffered decay and also offer a natural looking alternative to amalgam fillings.

White Fillings Mullumbimby

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